Tiffany McKiver & Larry Wright


                                                                               "CREATIVITY IS THE HEART BEAT OF THE SOUL."

                                                            Empowering Creative Minds for Our Future



Greetings I am Tiffany McKIver a North Carolina Native raised right here in the wonderful city of Greensboro. I am presently an Instructor at GTCC and a Program Coordinator for Paper 2 Film Youth Summer Camp. My passion is Art and Education. I believe that creativity is a part of us all. My mission is to educate and motivate the youth to believe in themselves, expand the mind as much as possible. Art is the tool that I use to relay my message of self-confidence. Being that I thrive in a creative and fast pace environment, Art and Education is where I landed after I graduated from NC A&T with a BS in Broadcast Production. Guilford County School afforded me the opportunity to teach Computer Technology and in my spare time I volunteered in the Arts community. I chose to partake in several genres of art; Theater, Film, Visual, Poetry etc. My potential is endless, I am always evolving learning adding and subtracting from myself to make sure I become the best individual I can. To plainly put it I am a firm believer in giving back to our community making sure that our youth have the best opportunities at hand.


Larry Wright

Writer, Producer, Director, Journalist, Talk Show Host. I have Executive produced independent shows that aired on ABC, My 48 and The CW Television Network. I’ve written and published a book entitled "Three Shorts and a Play." I’m the owner of Pitchvine Entertainment LLC which is a local film production company here in Greensboro, and I’m the co-founder of From Paper 2 Film. During the summer months we run a film program called “Paper 2 Film”. This program teaches young men and women from low income areas the art of writing, acting, producing, and shooting a film. The overall focus of the program is to improve on their reading, writing and comprehension skills. The program has been in existence since 2013.

Staff and Volunteers

Our staff and volunteers are small in numbers, but are dedicated to servicing the students to ensure that all are learning, respectful, in complete understanding of the project, participating, and have tools to work with while encouraging them to open their mouths and their minds with creative ideas to make each project unique, adventurous, and exciting. They work tirelessly with the students individually and collectively aiding in the formation of an environment where the students are eager to be present in and return to for more exploration of the world of digital storytelling making while encouraging correct grammar usage and increasing writing skills.





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