P2F Program



To provide a film technology program for student ages 12 to 17. This program is designed to give students a creative outlet while honing communication skills in film and media technology.


Out Of The Box Writing & Thinking

From Paper 2 Film teaches young men and women how to turn that negative writing energy into a positive writing energy. Our method of success is out if the box thinking and writing. School is a box, From Paper 2 Film is the outlet. We're filling that void of art that is being removed from schools. Since 2013 our students have shot 7 films. If you are looking for a program that stresses creative writing, management skills, reading, and comprehension development From Paper 2 Film is that program for your child. This fall we’re looking to expand and share our method of Digital Storytelling to any group, or organization that is looking to improve on our young men and women's artistic and writing talents.


Program Description

The Paper 2 Film Program will enable students 12-17 to enhance their creativity, self- expression, and self-esteem by integrating film technology as an outlet to produce a film. This program will provide a general curriculum on how to take a script from paper to film. The creative process will incorporate writing and visual arts by using various technologies such as computers, editing software, and cameras. This program will consist of an twelve week track to complete their Script to Screen project. In completion of the program the students will been exposed to the world that influenced them the most. Students will increase self confidence and knowledge, which will assist them in obtaining future opportunities.